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Expert Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Bristol

Prices from Just £5, We Cover Bristol & Surrounding Areas

Improve The Performance Of Your Solar Panels

CThrough Windows Bristol are Solar Panel Cleaning experts, offering Pure Water technology cleaning systems to deliver sparking results to your Solar Panels everytime. We're extremely efficient allowing us to deliver excellent cleaning services in short times compared to some other cleaning companies around. We leave your Solar Panels Clean, Film Free and working more efficiently 

  • Ensure Maximum Output
  • Prices from £5 Per Panel
  • Helps Maintain Your Warranty
  • Film and Residue Free Cleaning
  • Ground Based Cleaning System
  • Saves You Money £££s
  • Bristol & Surrounds
  • Prevent Module Staining
  • Removes All Grime & Dirt
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Why Choose Us?

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Fast & Efficient Cleaning Service

We can clean your Solar Panels quickly, thoroughly and rapidly with our Ground based Cleaning System without the need for Ladders etc

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Experienced & Professional

We've successfully cleaned thousands of Solar Panel Modules to date and have the knowledge, tools and experience to provide cleaning excellence

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Specialist Cleaning

We cover Windows, Conservatories,  Solar Panels, Gutters, Roof, Render and Patios, Garden Furniture and Driveways etc. 

Excellence in Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning is an essential part of maintaining their efficiency, Solar Panels can loose up to 25% efficiency if they are not cleaned correctly at least twice a year. We use the latest reach and wash technology, we use purified water system & specialist solar panel brushes to effectively clean. This method is an excellent and effective way of reaching solar panels safely and effectively. Call us for the best Solar Panel Cleaning services in Bristol.

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